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What is your service area?
We cover several counties in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.
Contact us today to see if we service your specific area.

Are you a state licensed agency?
Yes. We are licensed in Texas and Oklahoma.

Does your agency carry insurance?
Yes. we have professional and general liability insurance. Our caregivers are covered by Workers Compensation and Employee Occupational Injury insurance.

How do I pay for your services?
You may pay by cash, check or credit card. If you have Long-Term Care Insurance, it may cover personal care services.

Can I tailor my schedule of services to meet my needs?
We try to comply with all requests. Often it is just a matter of locating caregivers who can work the shift. We do require a minimum of 40 hours per week and we do not split hours. (i.e. 4 hours in the morning then 4 hours at night) We offer coverage 7 days a week 24-hours a day.

Do you use a car we provide or does the caregiver use their car?
We require that our caregivers use the client’s car. After years of operation we have found that often our caregivers carry only liability insurance on their vehicles. This would not protect our client in case of an accident.

Do you care for Alzheimer patients?
Yes. We manage behavior changes and keep them safe.

What happens if we want to change caregivers?
We understand that not all individuals are compatible. We will discreetly replace the caregiver.

How do you insure that your caregivers are safe to be placed in my parents’ home?
We do everything possible before placing them on an assignment. We interview extensively, drug screen, check the Certified Nurses-Aide Registry, the Employee Misconduct Registry, check for misdemeanors and felonies, check out their Facebook page and call all their references. We put them through an extensive orientation. After we place them, our managers make supervisory visits to insure the caregiver is taking good care of our client and that the client is happy. We also recheck annually the Certified Nurses’ Aide Registry, The Employee Misconduct Registry, check for misdemeanors, felonies and any driving infractions. Each month we continue to train our caregivers on topics that will help them as a caregiver.